HIFU Cool Treatments In Belfast

HIFU Cool is a revolutionary body contouring treatment that Sea View Cosmetics can offer. Contact our Belfast salon today to book an appointment.

High Intense Focused Ultrasound (HIFU)

HIFU Cool is a body contouring treatment ideal for use on the face, neck, abdomen, inner and outer thighs, hips and inner arms. The treatment uses high-intensity focused ultrasound that doesn't harm the surface of the skin.

Focused ultrasound body contouring

During treatment, ultrasound energy is projected through to a depth of up to 13mm to deliver uniform, predictable results after a single treatment. Our HIFU Cool technology ensures your treatment is pain-free for most people.

HIFU Cool will also stimulate the production of collagen to help give the impression of younger, firmer skin.

Facial contouring in Belfast

The latest technology

HIFU Cool uses the very latest technology. NEW as of December 2019, this is the latest development in body contouring using HIFU/therapy technology. We are delighted to introduce the new HIFU Cool system into our clinic, with its comfortable and super-fast treatments.

This technology can fire 1000 HIFU shots in just minutes, and each cartridge used for the body has its own specific uses and values, which can be used individually to tackle one issue or combined to tackle various issues.

A host of potential benefits

There really are too many potential benefits to HIFU Cool to list here! If you'd like to know more about this new and increasingly popular therapy, please get in touch with the Sea View Cosmetics team. We'll be happy to discuss the treatment, what it can do for you, and get you booked in for your appointment. 

HIFU Cool starts at £99 per area 

Bingo wings
Fat melting
Crows feet
Baggy eye
Frown lines
Can all be removed with HIFU cool non invasive treatments

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